A steelform classic is a piece of Italian culture

Duomo di Firenze


Il Duomo in Florence

Ferragamo Shoes


Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

Tuscany is famous for the tradition in art and craftsmanship coveted over centuries. It was in Tuscany where many of the famous design classics were brought back to life after WW II and where we are still proudly making them.

Please take your time for a little stroll across our manufacturing premises.

Cold steel tube

Steel Tubes

Cold steel tubes

the once revolutionary material a new class of furniture has been created with.

Cutting steel


The first step is to cut the steel to the many required lengths.


Bending Tools

Tool sets

Each bending radius requires its own mold. There are many, many of them

Bending machine

Bending the tubes

latest computer aided technology allows the most precise and continuous processing.


It is a puzzle

Single parts for the upper frame of a Le Corbusier Chaise Longue. Ready for joining.

welding steel frame


The parts are mounted into molds and welded by hand.

Grinding and Polishing

Grinding seams


after the welding, the seams are carefully ground down to invisibilty.

polishing seams


the next step ist to polish the metal to a mirror like gloss

Shiny finish

chrome plating


three step chrome plating procedure in an environmentally friendly closed system.

Perfect finish

Stunning results

Invisible welding seams and a durable shine are the reward for going such lengths.

Wonderful Leather

Leather hides

Leather Hides

We are keeping a small stock of select aniline died leather.

Mark the spot

first step is a critical examination of the hides to mark imperfections.


Computer aided cutting

after scanning the hide, the computer decides how to cut the leather so that only the perfect parts are used for visible surfaces.


Our leather cutting table in action.


Cushion filling


we are using layers of different materials for ultimate shape and comfort of our cushion filings.

cushion set

Cushion fillings

ready cushions to be covered with leather or fabric.


cushion sewing


most of the seams are made using sewing machines. Some are even stitched by hand.


it takes strong hands to fit the cushion filling into the leather covers.

Mounting and Packaging


The parts are mounted after careful examination.

Packaging and shipping


Readily packed design classics waiting to be sent to our customer’s homes.