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Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

The safest and most easiest way is to use your credit card. We will however accept wire transfers if you don’t have a credit card of for higher amounts in corporate purchases.

How long will delivery take?

Our furniture is handmade made to order, so we can not compete with the speed of Amazon & Co. Generally speaking, our goods are ready to ship within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order. Overseas shipping by air takes only 3 days!

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

The whole connection to steelform.com is SSL encrypted.

Credit card is information is transmitted in two separate batches and we do not store these data.

We will also NEVER disclose any customer information to third parties, except for shipping & customs purposes.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Once payment has cleared we will start making your furniture. Since our goods are handmade to order we do not keep any stock.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will of course, since this document is crucial for shipping and customs clearance.

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