Frequently Asked Questions

Is your furniture authentic?

Let us have a look at what is “authentic”:

The modern classic furniture designs date back to the late 1920ies to 1950ies. Decades which have seen much progress in technology and new materials.

This is why modern reproductions of the old designs do look and feel much better than the originals.

This is why there is no “authentic” or “original” design. All you can buy nowadays are modern reproductions. No matter who makes them and what their claim is.

We are building our own versions like anyone else does and we may rightfully do so.

Calling our products “knock-offs” is simply a marketing hoax.

Do you have a Showroom in?

No, we don’t have any brick and mortar stores.

As a 100% online based business without any overhead, we can keep our sleek prices and bring you the best quality for a fraction of the price of established retail business.

What can I do if I don't like your product?

You may return any purchased goods within 20 days from delivery and we will issue a full refund after receiving the undamaged item(s) in their original packaging.

Are there any customs issues?

There are no customs borders within Europe. Goods travel freely.

For overseas shipments all customs handling will be taken care of by our shipping agents. You have no hassle and will take delivery on the curbside as if you had ordered from a national company.

There are no customs duties to be paid in the USA and Canada. For other countries these may however apply and they are not included in our prices.