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Eames designed: Lounge chair and ottoman

Charles Eames Lounge Chair technical drawing

Our new MAXI-Size for taller people has a higher backrest, offering a comfortable 92cm total height.

Lounge Ottoman technical drawing

Lounge chair and ottoman 

Legs made of black die cast aluminium, lacquered black. Top edges polished to a high gloss.

Seat shell and back made of laminated plywood. Connected using shock mounts. Santos rosewood veneer.

Upholstery made with foam and Dacron batting, covered with environmentally-friendly anilin leather.

steelform classics are as authentic as it gets! 

Charles Eames Lounge Chair

Charles Eames’ brilliantly designed Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the epitome of all that is comfortable (and luxurious) in an easy chair.

Our version of the lounge chair matches the original design built in 1956 for Herman Miller.

In the process, we improved on the weak points of the original, creating a lounge chair that surpasses the original in quality. Plagiarism is definitely not a part of our vocabulary!

There is nothing more embarrassing than a poor copy!

Our reproduction of the Eames Lounge chair means that you will get a piece of furniture that not only looks like the design it was based on, but also feels like the real deal.

We are paying attention to the details 

Charles Eames Lounge Chair leather

Leather fit for gloves

Charles Eames wanted his lounge chair to be as inviting as a well-worn baseball mitt.

That is why we have chosen to cover our version of this classic lounge chair with glove-soft, vat-tanned anilin leather. The leather’s natural grain is silky-smooth and drapes over the upholstery in soft folds.

Conscientiously selected tropical wood

In our eyes, the pronounced grain of the original rosewood veneer perfectly complements the lounge chair.

You can have a clear conscience when you select our Santos rosewood, which comes closest to the redwood used in the original. Fast-growing rosewood is cultivated in Bolivia and Brazil under the most stringent conditions.

Charles Eames Lounge Chair wood
Charles Eames Lounge Chair cushion filling

Relax in style

The cushions are filled with several layers of foam and Dacron batting. This gives the upholstery of our lounge chair a more luxurious, decorative look.

Our lounge chair really is as comfortable as it appears.

Made from a single mold

True to the original, the legs of our lounge chair were made to match Herman Miller’s original. The top surface of the black lacquered die-cast T profile aluminium is polished to a high-gloss finish.

Adjustable stainless steel feet allow you to quickly adjust your chair to uneven surfaces.

Charles Eames Lounge Chair base
Charles Eames Lounge Chair bushings

Sturdy construction

One of the weak points in the original design is the swivel connection between the seat shell and the base. That is why we have chosen to reinforce this mounting with solid brass bushings. The stability of our assembly means that your lounge chair won’t wobble, even after several years.

Two layers are better than one

We also thought we’d tackle another weak point in the original design, the shock mounts.

Our shock mounts, which connect the seat and the back rest, are not only glued, but as well screwed into the wood. Using a slightly thicker grade of plywood means we can fasten the mounts with 10 little screws.

This connection has given way in many older versions of the lounge chair.

Charles Eames Lounge Chair ears

Any Questions?

Here you go with some answers

Is your furniture authentic?

We are building excellent modern reproductions of classic designs from the Bauhaus era to Mid Century, which absolutely match the very high quality standards of the products that are marketed to be the one and only "authentic" ones. We are talking of up to 90 year old designs which have been produced by different companies over the decades. Also materials and production technologies have greatly improved since the first prototypes. Calling any modern version of such "authentic" is nothing but a marketing hoax.

How much is shipping?

Within Europe:

Shipping is free!

Overseas and wordlwide: Shipping is free for any purchase over $ 3,000 For lesser amounts, simply send us your order and we will get back to you with an exact price.

Is it legal?

50+ year old furniture is not copyright protected in most countries of the world. Exceptions do apply for some European countries, but since goods travel freely within Europe and there are no customs borders, you are free to order from us whatever you wish.

Payment methods

The safest and most easiest way is to use your credit card. We will however accept wire transfers if you don't have a credit card of for higher amounts in corporate purchases.

I have seen this item for less!

Definitely none of ours! There is however a plethora of cheap copies which may look alike but certainly aren't.

Our furniture is thoroughly handcrafted in Italy using the best materials. Given this, our pieces are an incredible value for money.

Can I get a discount?

Sure you can, if you want to order several items. The more you order, the higher your discount will be.

How long will the delivery take?

Our furniture is handmade made to order, so we can not compete with the speed of Amazon & Co. Generally speaking, our goods are ready to ship within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order. Shipping itself takes another week within Europe. Shipping overseas by air takes only 3 days!

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    30.000 Happy Customers in 20 Years!

    Excellent workmanship! You truly lived up to your promise.

    Paul Russe / Amsterdam

    Absolutely love the Eames Lounge in my studio. Very good quality, I am impressed.

    Igor Russell / Prague

    The leather truly feels wonderful! Your lounge chair is definitely more than worth the price.

    Thilo Schmidt / Bremen

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